New technology – furniture of the future for school library?

NetSpot Smart hubs could become commonplace in the school library of the future.

NetSpot Smart HubThe Smart Hub was created to store, update and charge loan tablet computers when not in use. Whether borrowing is free or fee-based, the hub eliminates the technical hurdles associated with content management, internet connectivity and recharging. The Netspot hub is fully managed remotely, as a web-based admin facility takes complete control of each portable device. It can reboot the system, unlock devices, diagnose common issues, update software and it also manages and tracks users and provides a variety of reports. Sitting alongside traditional bookcases, a Netspot Smart hub could become ‘a piece of the furniture’ within the school library of the future.

How it works

  • The hub physically secures and dispenses devices on demand using ID check procedures.
  • The hub provides and manages all the content of the devices.
  • The user navigates through a touch screen to take or return a tablet computer.
  • And when returned to the hub, it re-initializes the device, making sure all personal data is saved at defined locations and wiped.
  • All of the content is then automatically restored when the tablet computer is returned, including all of the apps and settings, and is then recharged.

Benefits for schools, universities and libraries

  • Creates a seamless learning experience between home and school
  • Improves note taking for the students and lectures become easier to follow because students know that they will have access to the material later
  • Now Students just follow the program steps rather than write everything down which is so hard to do while trying to comprehend
  • Students have the necessary resources to conduct the research needed
  • Allows students to retrieve stored lecture notes.

school library furniture NetSpot Smart Hub1Local libraries have been providing Internet access through their Desktop PCs for years. With a NetSpot hub, tablets and laptop devices can be made available for use anywhere giving more comfort and privacy to the user. Smart hubs can be equipped with a barcode reader for secure access. To pass ID check users just scan their Barcode Library Card and enter a PIN. All devices would have a large collection of apps installed, including magazines, books, newspapers and games, as chosen by the host organisation.

Not available to buy as yet, but we will be watching this technology as it develops. Until then, when it comes to storing traditional books Herok have the answer. We manufacture sturdy Kinderboxes, book trolleys, library shelving, book and media spinners, book displays and reading corners in a great range of colours. See for further details of all of our school library furniture products.