Our top five street art murals featuring books, libraries and reading

Artists have often used street art as a way to express that books are an essential and important part of our lives. Books are so important to us, they provoke us to think, to argue, to make an opinion, and to help us to succeed. This is very well reflected in street art. We have seen many examples and here are Herok‘s top five from all around the world, classically, in reverse order…

5 Flying Books. Jazz mural by artist Bill Weber on Jackson Square, San Francisco. The flying books in front are Brian Goggin’s “Language of the Birds” installation.

5 Street-art-Flying-Books-540x405
4 Library Mural. Created on seven walls of Ustroń Public Library, Poland, and taking over 500 square meters, the mural shows the interior of the Trinity College Library in Dublin.

4 Street-art-Library-Mural-540x417

3 Inside a Bookshelf. Mural by Susanna Hesselberg, in Örebro, Sweden.

3 Street-Art-Inside-a-Bookshelf-540x404

2 La Bibliotèque De La Cité. A beautiful fresco-style mural on the façade of the Lyon Municipal Library, France.

2 Street-art-La-Biblioteque-De-La-Cite-540x720
1 School Bookshelf. This huge bookshelf was painted in on a previously dull grey school yard wall in Tyumen, by Russian art group Color of the City.

1 Street-art-School-Bookshelf-540x380
Do you agree with Herok’s top five?

You can check out lots more examples for yourself here and decide upon your own favourites. If you need inspiration for designing your own school library, then visit Herok, we’d be delighted to help you.