Top ten tips for creating an excellent school library

Firstly, you need to develop your vision of how the library integrates into the aims of the school, how you want it to look and how you want it to be used. Your next move would be to contact for help and advice on how to inspire and excite young readers. 
Then, provided you have people to run it, books and resources to put in it, space to accommodate it and bags and bags of enthusiasm – you will be well on your way!

Herok - school library

Herok’s Top Ten Tips

  • Try to foster a whole school culture that values reading, with the library at its heart.
  • Have a librarian/staff member who regularly works in the library.
  • Allocate a budget for the library so there are finances to provide a wide range of new resources.
  • Make the library welcoming – rugs, soft seating, a warm atmosphere and colourful book displays all help.
  • Keep the library as a library, not as storage space or a group work space.
  • Make sure all school staff have knowledge of how the library works so that they can support pupils when they choose books, and encourage reading for pleasure.
  • Use a computerised library management system for pupils for issuing books and teaching information skills.
  • Enlist library helpers (Pupil librarians) to keep the library tidy and to help other pupils choose a book to read.
  • Give pupils regular times to visit the library, e.g. with their class, at lunchtime or after school, and allow plenty of time for browsing and try not to rush them.
  • Run interactive activities in the library, with quizzes, competitions, book weeks and more.

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For further assistance you might try The School Library Association. It is committed to supporting everyone involved with school libraries, promoting high quality reading and learning opportunities for all.