UK conversions of US school years

Have you ever been watching an American film and wondered what is meant by
‘I haven’t done that since Sophomore’, or ‘since I was a Freshman’?

Well Herok have, and we don’t think we’re alone! …But guess what we found?
A handy reference chart which provides the UK conversions of US school years: in fact, UK Key stages, American grades and the German grading system, courtesy of the Berlin British School.
year group conversion
So now we can understand a Sophomore is a 15-16 year old. Who knew? (Don’t answer that!)

It also means that we can help our customers, both overseas and here at home, to understand which of Herok’s ranges of library furniture might best suit their pupils.

For example,

Classic Kinderbox   suits ages 3-10
Static Picture Book spinner   suits ages 3-10
Charlton Book Trolley   suits all ages
Spinners on bases   suits ages 4-10
Tortuga Library shelving   suits ages 11-16
Mini Tortuga Library shelving   suits ages 4-10
Ripple mobile Kinderbox   suits ages 4-10
Dune Mobile Kinderbox   suits ages 4-10
Infant Ripple Mobile Kinderbox   suits ages 3-6
Early Years Mobile Kinderbox   suits ages 3-6

We usually like to photograph Herok educational furniture products with their ideal user where possible, but if you are not sure about the right products and sizes for your pupils, just call us on 01992 462943.

UK conversions of US school years -  Herok school furniture