Herok educational furniture products and the environment

recycle-logoAt Herok, we take pride in continually reducing our own carbon footprint, and choose suppliers with a similar ethos to do the same. Therefore our procurement processes are acutely focused on sourcing materials with the very best ‘green’ credentials. For example, all of our materials are locally sourced, and 90% of those within a 25 mile radius.

We source our timber from companies that are accredited by either Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) or Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification (PEFC). All timber products with these labels are known to support responsible forest management. We only purchase board material that is either classified as low or, completely formaldehyde free.

Any materials Herok uses in the manufacture of our products are either sustainable or recyclable or a combination of both and can be safely incinerated, composted or recycled at the end of the furniture’s useful life.

Our computerised, state-of-the-art manufacturing equipment operates on minimal power and is sophisticated enough to configure the cutters to leave the least possible waste.

Whilst ensuring your school or library furniture reaches you in perfect condition, packaging is kept to an absolute minimum. Where we can, we protect our furniture for transport using blankets that are removed on delivery and returned to the factory for re-use. Customers are notified of anticipated delivery dates and delivery vehicles travel full, where possible.

Herok understand and accept our responsibilities to the environment and you can be sure, Herok educational furniture products will have the optimum life cycle at the minimum cost to the environment before, during and after their working life.

And of course, choosing a quality educational furniture product from Herok ensures its useful life will be as long as possible.