Herok’s Top 10 Creative Bookshelf Designs You Have Got To See

At Herok, we are always looking for inspiration for new children’s library furniture products, and today we thought we would share some of our research into adult library furniture with you. For book lovers, no tablet, e-book or e-reader can compare with paper and print. And no self-respecting bookworm will mistreat his or her library of books. So, when there’s no space for a personal library, what could be better than a fun, creative bookshelf to organize favourite reading materials? Here is a collection of our top ten creative bookshelf designs, in no particular order (as Dermot would say).

Round Sofa. (Image Source: Irina Zhdanova)

I’d love one of these… (must start saving up).

round-sofa book shelf

Console Bookshelf. (Image Source: Stanislav Katz)

I love this one, but maybe he’s been sat there enthralled in that book for a little too long!

Console Bookshelf

The Bookseat bookshelf. (Image Source: Fishbol)

The Bookseat looks functional, but maybe not so comfortable?

Bookseat book shelf

Invisible Bookshelves. (Image Source: pennysdaybook)

Now you see it, now you don’t! How do they do that?

invisible bookshelf

READ Bookshelf. (Image Source: mubarocks)

This one is for those who can afford a house big enough to have blank walls this size to accommodate the book shelf …But what a great design.

read bookshelf

The Staircase Bookshelf. (Image Source: apartmenttherapy)

The owners of this bookshelving hadn’t got room to store their books – so they made room – within the staircase! The second picture shows the view looking down the staircase from above.

Staircase Bookshelf

“Has Been Read” And “Will Be Read” Bookshelf. (Image Source: ezgiayaz)

Oh so organised! …not many books though.

has-been-read book shelf

Equilibrium Bookcase. (Image Source: Malagana)

Whoa there! – don’t bump into this one.

equilibrium bookcase bookshelves

BookTree. (Image Source: Kostas Syrtariotis)

One for the tree-huggers?

booktree book shelf
3-dimentional bookshelf. (Image Source: Chris Burns)

Well yes, they all are but this one is a mind-twister.

3D bookshelves

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