Make your pre-school or day nursery a fun place with Herok

pre-school or day nurseryTake a look at the reading centre in your pre-school or day nursery. Is it attractive and inviting for youngsters? Are the materials well organised for little ones to find? Anyone who owns a day nursery knows that kid’s furniture goes through a lot of wear and tear. Used every day, there’s a lot of cleaning necessary to keep the little ones safe and healthy, so it’s vitally important to choose storage solutions that are up to the job.

Herok specialises in furniture for children including book displays and book storage. The key features of our products include their attractiveness, quality and above all, durability. And they carry a 5 year manufacturer’s guarantee.

Herok helps you create attractive reading spaces which children will love. Whether you have a small independent nursery or a large day nursery, we have what you need to help create a fun and educational environment for your children. What better way to display books and magazines than with child sized book shelves?

Variety stimulates the imagination

A quality day nursery or pre-school needs to have a variety of reading materials available for children and interest can be added by storing them in different ways. Toddler shelves where books can be displayed face forward are ideal for displaying big books. Our Dune Mobile Kinderbox is just right for this. It makes finding books and putting books away an easy task for little hands. Kinderboxes allow for storage of big books and infant-friendly picture books.

Or if you need book shelves for slightly older youngsters, try our Mini Tortuga Library shelving. With space for a variety of reading materials this flexible shelving system will be a mainstay of any reading centre.

For teachers who have story time in the reading centre, we can provide an amazing variety of rugs and soft seating to suit your theme. Just ask for more details. Your reading centre will soon be the most sought out area in your classroom, nursery or reception play room.

Contact Herok for educational furniture for adults’ and children’s libraries.