New product – Gratnells SmartCase coming soon…

Schools are increasingly relying upon laptops and tablet computers to aid teaching in the classroom these days, so there is a need to store these expensive devices safely. Gratnells SmartCase is designed to do just that with a tough outer case and configurable protective foam cushioning on the inside. They come in a range of colour options and what’s more they will fit in to existing Gratnells tray storage systems. So it’s out with the crayons and in with the tablet pc!
The SmartCase is everything you’d expect from a Gratnells tray. It’s built for heavy educational handling and fits into the same runners used on all our frames and trolleys. But the SmartCase isn’t just another tray. Thanks to its moulded handle, you can carry it around with you wherever you need to go, just like a briefcase.

So now, when it comes to items that you need to keep safe in the classroom and outside you’ve got the perfect answer to mobile storage. SmartCases are 311mm wide x 423mm long x 80mm deep.

SmartCase® is available in the following top and bottom colours:

  • Apple green
  • Lime green
  • Cyan blue
  • Tomato red
  • Tropical orange
  • Sunshine yellow
  • Jet black
  • Pearl silver

…So you can choose the colour combination that you like best.

Herok are delighted to be offering SmartCases soon, however if you need yours sooner, contact Herok for further details.